40: Video Renters and Castle Dwellers


This week Ana and Jonatan pretend covid isn’t a thing (because it wasn’t when this was recorded).

Ana’s takes us to 1992 Croatia where Srđan Mlađan raises suspicions by obsessively renting Natural Born Killers… a crime that would never have been solved now that we all have Netflix.

Jonatan’s crime is in Belgium in 2012 where something sketchy is going on with Stijn Saelen but does his family know more than they’re letting on?

Our cocktail is a gin spiked ‘Bitter Love’ (with Parfait Amour, Gin, lemon juice and sugar). We drink it while discussing the mysterious murder of Dragica Gvero. Enjoy and stay safe!

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TW: murder, hitman, brief reference to suspected paedophilia (non-specific)

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