34: Work to Death | Mystery


To round off the working week we’re looking at unsolved cases relating to mysterious office encounters.

First Jonatan has a brief but brutal mystery from England: when Ruth Penelope “Penny” Bell rushes off to a meeting there’s no reason to think anything is amiss but when she’s found brutally killed her activities in the lead up seem a little more suspicious. Did she know her killer?

Ana shares the strange fate of Susan “Su” Taraskiewicz , a Northwest Airlines employee, who experienced years of abuse at the hands of her colleagues. One September night she disappears in the middle of her shift and no one reports it. 30 hours later her body is found in her car. With many of her co-workers involved in fraud, was she killed to keep her quiet?

As always you can reach us by email, crimebythebar@gmail.com or on Twitter, @crimebythebar.

CN: stabbing, sexual harassment, bullying, murder

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