7: Crime on the Emerald Isle

Happy St Patrick’s Week! We start as we mean to continue: with drinks!
Jonatan covers the accidental death of Mary Whelan (née Gough) that begins to look a lot like murder when the most likely suspect goes on the run. Don’t worry- a pub patron manages to save the day. Ana shares the story of why £10 bank notes were changed to green and the biggest bank robbery in Irish history: the Northern Bank heist.

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CN: murder, paramilitaries, sectarianism, politics, alcohol, kidnapping

Colin and Mary Whelan

CCTV footage from the Northern Bank robbery and the new £10 note.

Irish Flag/Fleg Layered Cocktail

30ml Creme de Menthe (or do yourself a favour and use any other green liqueur (apple or melon would work nicely)
30ml Baileys Irish Cream
30ml Cointreau (or Triple Sec)

Slowly layer each shot in a glass using the back of a bar spoon. Be particularily careful when layering the Cointreau- if it (or anything else acidic) mixes with the Baileys it will curdle (see ‘cement mixer’ or ‘zombie brain’ shot).

Irish Coffee

1 glass of freshly brewed coffee
3 teaspoons dark brown sugar
45ml Irish whiskey (we like Bushmills)
2 tablespoons double cream (lightly whipped)

  1. Dissolve the sugar in the coffee
  2. Add whiskey
  3. Float the double cream on top by layering over the back of  a spoon

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