Mystery 11: Titles & Tragedy

Happy King’s Day! We tell you all about the Dutch national holiday and the tragic recent history surrounding the event.

Jonatan’s mystery is the Nepalese royal massacre. At first glance this seems like a pretty clear cut tale but the more the incident is looked at, the more the details don’t add up.

Ana discusses the tragic end of the Duchess de Choiseul-Praslin who was brutally murdered in her home in the early hours of the morning. Things become suspicious when the prime suspect dies just a week later.

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CN: mass murder, unsolved crime, violent ends, alcohol

11: Blue Blood & Amber Drinks

It’s a royal edition of Crime by the Bar. In the lead up to King’s Day (a Dutch national holiday) we look back at some historical crimes involving royalty.

Jonatan shares the violent end for Alexander I of Yugoslavia who warned “if you want a regime change, you need to kill me”. You can guess how this ends but it makes for a very interesting tale.

Ana retells the Mayerling Incident which involves the Crown Prince of Austria and his mistress the many questions surrounding their deaths. What do you think happened?

Our drink this week is a ‘Royal Tea’ cocktail with whiskey, the Queen of Spices and rose syrup.

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CN: murder, assassination, European history, disapproving mother-in-laws, alcohol

7: Crime on the Emerald Isle

Happy St Patrick’s Week! We start as we mean to continue: with drinks!
Jonatan covers the accidental death of Mary Whelan (née Gough) that begins to look a lot like murder when the most likely suspect goes on the run. Don’t worry- a pub patron manages to save the day. Ana shares the story of why £10 bank notes were changed to green and the biggest bank robbery in Irish history: the Northern Bank heist.

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CN: murder, paramilitaries, sectarianism, politics, alcohol, kidnapping

Colin and Mary Whelan

CCTV footage from the Northern Bank robbery and the new £10 note.

Irish Flag/Fleg Layered Cocktail

30ml Creme de Menthe (or do yourself a favour and use any other green liqueur (apple or melon would work nicely)
30ml Baileys Irish Cream
30ml Cointreau (or Triple Sec)

Slowly layer each shot in a glass using the back of a bar spoon. Be particularily careful when layering the Cointreau- if it (or anything else acidic) mixes with the Baileys it will curdle (see ‘cement mixer’ or ‘zombie brain’ shot).

Irish Coffee

1 glass of freshly brewed coffee
3 teaspoons dark brown sugar
45ml Irish whiskey (we like Bushmills)
2 tablespoons double cream (lightly whipped)

  1. Dissolve the sugar in the coffee
  2. Add whiskey
  3. Float the double cream on top by layering over the back of  a spoon

Minisode 6: No Roads Lead Home

We’ve got that Friday feeling! In our latest Minisode Mystery we talk about hitch-hiking and Jonatan shares the murder of Lois Roberts. Was it a planned killing and was she the intended victim? Ana talks drink-driving and drinking culture, then introduces Brandon Swanson, a 19 year old who seemingly got lost on the way back from a graduation party.

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CN: missing person, murder, torture, driving under the influence


Lois Roberts

Brandon Swanson

6: Planes, Trains and Bloodstains

It’s a new week and Ana and Jonatan have picked the same crime! In a last minute change, Ana talks about her first murder mystery experience and then tells the story of Otýlie Vranská who was found on trains (yes, plural) leaving Prague. Jonatan shares the tale of All Nippon Airways Flight 61 and what happened when Yuji Nishizawa decided to bring extra luggage. After all that chat Ana has a nap.

For their drink this week there’s a travel friendly choice: the Gin and Tonic. (All recommendations are unsponsored.)

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CN: murder, dismemberment, hijacking, stabbing, alcohol

VranskaMuzeumpolicie1Otýlie Vranská

Yuji Nishizawa

Minisode 5: Late Check Out

It’s Friday! We debate American English v. British English and Jonatan tells the tale of Blair Adams, a Canadian who was killed in Seattle. Ana talks about a mysterious death by sucide where the victim wished to remain anonymous and recalls a strange tale of her own.

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CN: murder, suicide, cancer, wine, unsolved cases, missing persons

Blair Adams

The Comfort Inn where  Jane Doe spent her last day

5: Rum… And Justice for All

We have an explanation of an ‘Irish goodbye’ to kick off this week’s episode. Jonatan tells the tale of capital punishment in Belarus- the story of “Black Realtors” Igor Gershankov and Semen Berezhnoy who were found guilty of six murders and preparation of another one, kidnapping and fraud.

Ana dives into a murder in Ireland- the case of Antra Ozolina, a 49 year old Latvian who was killed in her home.

Finally, we cover two bonus crimes and ask ‘Was justice served?’. As usual we round things off with a drink: this time it’s got rum, pear and spice.

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CN: capital punishment, rape, murder, suicide, animal abuse, offensive language (the other ‘f-word’), alcohol

Igor-Gershankov-Semen-Berezhnoy-rasstrelIgor Gershankov and Semen Berezhnoy

Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan murder victim Antra Ozolina (49).  Photo: Lorraine Teevan