36: Bad Feelings | Mystery


This Friday we have stories that leave us with many questions including: could we have seen this coming?

First, Ana tells the tale of Dublin teenager, Raonaid Murray, who was stabbed to death on her walk home. She was found by her sister not far from her front door. What happened? We put together the pieces but almost 20 years later, there are still no clear answers.

Then, Jonatan shares the bizarre end to Günther Stoll. The unemployed food technician had become increasingly paranoid over the preceding years, convinced ‘they’ were out to get him. One night he made a mysterious breakthrough but then claims something terrible will happen… only to befall a very strange fate hours later. Was this coincidence? Or were ‘they’ watching all along?

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CN: stabbing, car crash, murder, botched investigations, paranoia

35: If I Can’t Have Them, No One Can…


It’s a travel edition! This time we talk about people who just can’t let go.

Ana talks about married couple Xiaoye “Alex” Wang and Tianle “Heidi” Li. With divorce looming, the situation takes a strange turn and it seems like it may be ‘until death do us part’ after all. Jonatan shares the story of an art heist in Rotterdam involving Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse, Monet, Meijer de Haan and Freud. It may not be murder, but the tale ends in tragedy.

Our drink of the week is a simple classic: tequila, lime and salt. It turns out to have been a bad choice for a Tuesday.

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CN: poisoning, murder, destruction of art

34: Work to Death | Mystery


To round off the working week we’re looking at unsolved cases relating to mysterious office encounters.

First Jonatan has a brief but brutal mystery from England: when Ruth Penelope “Penny” Bell rushes off to a meeting there’s no reason to think anything is amiss but when she’s found brutally killed her activities in the lead up seem a little more suspicious. Did she know her killer?

Ana shares the strange fate of Susan “Su” Taraskiewicz , a Northwest Airlines employee, who experienced years of abuse at the hands of her colleagues. One September night she disappears in the middle of her shift and no one reports it. 30 hours later her body is found in her car. With many of her co-workers involved in fraud, was she killed to keep her quiet?

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CN: stabbing, sexual harassment, bullying, murder

33: Colleagues Who Kill


This week we talk about awful incidents in the workplace.

Jonatan covers the infamous Xerox killer in Honolulu, Hawaii who, after years of odd behaviour, goes on an office rampage killing with a ‘to-do’ list of co-workers.

Ana shares a case from London: Cathy Marlow heads to the office on a Saturday to catch up on work after returning from vacation. Just before leaving the office she runs into an ex-colleague who shouldn’t be there. Things do not end well.

Later, we have English Mojitos (with elderflower, mint and lime) and talk about some stressful jobs.

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CN: murder, rampage killers, graphic descriptions, alcohol

32: Movie Murder Mysteries


We continue movie week with more crimes that inspired films. First Jonatan, our native Nordic, takes us to Finland to tell us about the Lake Bodom murders in Espoo. This one has all the making of a horror story but is very real. Four teenagers go camping together and are attacked by a mystery man. Was it an angry local, a suspicious foreigner or the sole survivor who killed the others?

Ana then tells the story of the Frog Boys, one of the most terrifying true crime tales to ever come out of South Korea. On a Tuesday in early Spring, a group of five boys decide to go into the mountains in search of frogs and never return. After 10 years, many false accusations and the suggestion that they probably just ran away their bodies are found in an area searched many times before. Police still say there was no crime but gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma tell a different story.

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CN: descriptions of gore, blood spatter, bludgeoning, shooting, child murder, murder generally, death by suicide

31: Movie Night


This week we’re talking about crime movies: those that were inspired by crimes or inspired their own crimes.

Ana tells the real life tale of Frank Abagnale Jr, a con artist and forger whose criminal career started at 15. Frank passed himself off as a teacher, pilot, doctor and lawyer all before he was 21. He later had his story retold in the 2002 Spielberg film ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Jonatan is talking about Anthony Curcio who was inspired by ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ to commit a robbery with a slew of decoys. With pepper spray, a tear-off costume and getaway by water Anthony almost pulled off the perfect crime… but it wasn’t meant to be.

We round off with a Banana Split cocktail. Stay to the end to hear what’s involved in this one. You can always reach out on Twitter, @crimebythebar, or by email, crimebythebar@gmail.com. As always, you can get bonus details on our website, http://www.crimebythebar.com or on our Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/crimebythebar

CN: mention of drug addiction, alcohol

15: Crime by Coercion


This week we have a catchup on Henri Vanbreda from ‘2: New Tales & Foreign Spirits’ (go back and listen) then we’re discussing women who sweet talked others into committing crimes for them.

Jonatan takes us to Australia and tells us about Robyn Lindholm, an ex-national ice skating champion who falls in with some unsavoury characters while trying to maintain her extravagant lifestyle. Ana shares the tale of Diana Lovejoy whose divorce led her down a strange path. A dose of bad luck, a towel set and a burner phone ruined what may have otherwise been a perfect crime.

Later, we have a Bols Toblerone cocktail- with chocolate, hazelnut and honey.

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CN: murder, faecal evidence, abuse allegations

Mystery 14: Death on Two Wheels


This Friday we’re talking about the cyclists who died under strange circumstances.

Ana begins with a brief explanation of road cycling to add context to the strange demise of Ottavio Bottecchia, a double Tour de France winner. The Italian cyclist was found dead at the roadside after heading out for a morning ride. Was it a competitor, the government or a farmer upset about his grapes?

Jonatan then shares the infamous Green Bicycle case involving 21-year-old Bella Wright who meets an unfortunate end during her cycle home. Witnesses report seeing a stranger on a green bicycle who’s thought to be the last person to have seen her alive. Things get even stranger when the bike shows up dismantled and dumped in a canal 6 months later. Is the owner of the bicycle guilty or just worried of being falsely accused?

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CN: murder, speculation, conspiracies

14: Writers in the Wrong


We begin the week with crimes close to home- someone has been walking around on Ana’s roof and Jonatan’s bike has been stolen. After a quick catchup we share stories of writers who’ve committed terrible crimes.

Ana has a story from Macedonia: when women begin going missing in the small town of Kičevo it’s not long before career journalist Vlado Taneski makes a connection and starts reporting very graphic details of what became of them. Like an evil Clark Kent, Vlado is leading a secret double life.

Jonatan shares a tale of Krystian Bala, a Polish author whose debut novel isn’t selling as well as he’d hoped. Maybe that’s for the best because when police start comparing the details in the book with a cold case in nearby Wrocław, they find the lead they’ve been looking for.

Our ‘Drink of the Week’ is ‘The Late Hemingway’ a spiked version of the classic. Listen to the end for details or check out the recipe at http://www.crimebythebar.com. You can reach out to us on Twitter, @crimebythebar, or by email, crimebythebar@gmail.com.

(FYI- the Dutch writer we refer to is Richard Klinkhamer.)

CN: murder, missing persons, dismemberment, sexual assault, battery, starvation, drowning, alcohol

Mystery 13: Cyber Conspiracies


Happy Friday! We’re here with creepy stories to round off your week.

Jonatan has a tale from China and talks about the estimated 65% of organ transplants that use nonconsensual harvesting from prisoners. Yes, this is a conspiracy theory, but there are a lot of connections that make it difficult to doubt this is happening at least to some extent.

Ana talks about Karl Koch, a German hacker who went missing during his lunch break and was later found in very mysterious circumstances: burned to death beside a dust covered car in what was recorded as a death by suicide. The facts don’t add up so we break it down and briefly address the similarly strange demise of another German hacker who was known as Tron.

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CN: capital punishment, lethal injection, organ harvesting, hackers, KGB, mild references to drug use (cannabis and cocaine), addiction, death by suicide