Mystery 14: Death on Two Wheels

This Friday we’re talking about the cyclists who died under strange circumstances.

Ana begins with a brief explanation of road cycling to add context to the strange demise of Ottavio Bottecchia, a double Tour de France winner. The Italian cyclist was found dead at the roadside after heading out for a morning ride. Was it a competitor, the government or a farmer upset about his grapes?

Jonatan then shares the infamous Green Bicycle case involving 21-year-old Bella Wright who meets an unfortunate end during her cycle home. Witnesses report seeing a stranger on a green bicycle who’s thought to be the last person to have seen her alive. Things get even stranger when the bike shows up dismantled and dumped in a canal 6 months later. Is the owner of the bicycle guilty or just worried of being falsely accused?

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CN: murder, speculation, conspiracies

14: Writers in the Wrong

We begin the week with crimes close to home- someone has been walking around on Ana’s roof and Jonatan’s bike has been stolen. After a quick catchup we share stories of writers who’ve committed terrible crimes.

Ana has a story from Macedonia: when women begin going missing in the small town of Kičevo it’s not long before career journalist Vlado Taneski makes a connection and starts reporting very graphic details of what became of them. Like an evil Clark Kent, Vlado is leading a secret double life.

Jonatan shares a tale of Krystian Bala, a Polish author whose debut novel isn’t selling as well as he’d hoped. Maybe that’s for the best because when police start comparing the details in the book with a cold case in nearby Wrocław, they find the lead they’ve been looking for.

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(FYI- the Dutch writer we refer to is Richard Klinkhamer.)

CN: murder, missing persons, dismemberment, sexual assault, battery, starvation, drowning, alcohol

Mystery 13: Cyber Conspiracies

Happy Friday! We’re here with creepy stories to round off your week.

Jonatan has a tale from China and talks about the estimated 65% of organ transplants that use nonconsensual harvesting from prisoners. Yes, this is a conspiracy theory, but there are a lot of connections that make it difficult to doubt this is happening at least to some extent.

Ana talks about Karl Koch, a German hacker who went missing during his lunch break and was later found in very mysterious circumstances: burned to death beside a dust covered car in what was recorded as a death by suicide. The facts don’t add up so we break it down and briefly address the similarly strange demise of another German hacker who was known as Tron.

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CN: capital punishment, lethal injection, organ harvesting, hackers, KGB, mild references to drug use (cannabis and cocaine), addiction, death by suicide

Episode 13: Crime and Technology

This week we’re talking cryptocurrency and cyber crime.

Jonatan shares a story from Taiwan: when Tai (戴) brings his friend Hu (胡) along to sell some Bitcoin he expects to make a healthy profit. Instead he finds himself in a situation involving forced alcohol consumption, assault and theft. 

Ana discusses a virus writer called ‘Gigabyte’ (aka Kimberley Vanvaeck) who was on a mission in the early 00s to bring down security expert Graham Cluley. Creating the first ever C# virus, Gigabyte decides to share her code on her website but finds herself in legal trouble.

This week we have a cocktail with byte that we’ve called Vodka.exe- vodka, apple, butterscotch… yes, it’s delicious.

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CN: assault, theft, hacking, alcohol

Mystery 12: Going Coastal

This week we’re sharing seaside stories.

Jonatan shares the tale of 22-year-old Jessie Earl who disappeared from her flat with no signs of a struggle or planning. Her remains were found almost nine years later by the nearby cliffs. Was a Scottish serial killer responsible or is her killer still on the loose?

Ana talks about the Peter Bergmann case involving an unknown man found on a beach in Ireland in mysterious circumstances. For obvious reasons it’s often compared to the Tamam Shud case (aka the Somerton Man) but is the answer right in front of us?

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CN: murder, disappearances, unknown persons

12: Drown Your Horrors

This week Ana is sharing the story Birna Brjánsdóttir of Iceland. Birna was at a bar with friends on a typical Friday night. After she left her journey can be tracked on CCTV for half an hour before she disappears. Four days later one of her shoes is found at a nearby harbor and it’s not long before we find out what became of her.

Jonatan takes us back to 1980’s Canada with tales of Gilbert Paul Jordan aka the ‘Boozing Barber’ who had a long list of convictions. When the body of Vanessa Lee Buckner was found, he came under further scrutiny and the more the police look into him, the more crimes he seems to be involved with.

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CN: murder, sexual assault, alcoholism, substance abuse, manslaughter, crimes against First Nations

Mystery 11: Titles & Tragedy

Happy King’s Day! We tell you all about the Dutch national holiday and the tragic recent history surrounding the event.

Jonatan’s mystery is the Nepalese royal massacre. At first glance this seems like a pretty clear cut tale but the more the incident is looked at, the more the details don’t add up.

Ana discusses the tragic end of the Duchess de Choiseul-Praslin who was brutally murdered in her home in the early hours of the morning. Things become suspicious when the prime suspect dies just a week later.

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CN: mass murder, unsolved crime, violent ends, alcohol

11: Blue Blood & Amber Drinks

It’s a royal edition of Crime by the Bar. In the lead up to King’s Day (a Dutch national holiday) we look back at some historical crimes involving royalty.

Jonatan shares the violent end for Alexander I of Yugoslavia who warned “if you want a regime change, you need to kill me”. You can guess how this ends but it makes for a very interesting tale.

Ana retells the Mayerling Incident which involves the Crown Prince of Austria and his mistress the many questions surrounding their deaths. What do you think happened?

Our drink this week is a ‘Royal Tea’ cocktail with whiskey, the Queen of Spices and rose syrup.

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CN: murder, assassination, European history, disapproving mother-in-laws, alcohol