14: Writers in the Wrong


We begin the week with crimes close to home- someone has been walking around on Ana’s roof and Jonatan’s bike has been stolen. After a quick catchup we share stories of writers who’ve committed terrible crimes.

Ana has a story from Macedonia: when women begin going missing in the small town of Kičevo it’s not long before career journalist Vlado Taneski makes a connection and starts reporting very graphic details of what became of them. Like an evil Clark Kent, Vlado is leading a secret double life.

Jonatan shares a tale of Krystian Bala, a Polish author whose debut novel isn’t selling as well as he’d hoped. Maybe that’s for the best because when police start comparing the details in the book with a cold case in nearby Wrocław, they find the lead they’ve been looking for.

Our ‘Drink of the Week’ is ‘The Late Hemingway’ a spiked version of the classic. Listen to the end for details or check out the recipe at http://www.crimebythebar.com. You can reach out to us on Twitter, @crimebythebar, or by email, crimebythebar@gmail.com.

(FYI- the Dutch writer we refer to is Richard Klinkhamer.)

CN: murder, missing persons, dismemberment, sexual assault, battery, starvation, drowning, alcohol

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