Mystery 13: Cyber Conspiracies

Happy Friday! We’re here with creepy stories to round off your week.

Jonatan has a tale from China and talks about the estimated 65% of organ transplants that use nonconsensual harvesting from prisoners. Yes, this is a conspiracy theory, but there are a lot of connections that make it difficult to doubt this is happening at least to some extent.

Ana talks about Karl Koch, a German hacker who went missing during his lunch break and was later found in very mysterious circumstances: burned to death beside a dust covered car in what was recorded as a death by suicide. The facts don’t add up so we break it down and briefly address the similarly strange demise of another German hacker who was known as Tron.

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CN: capital punishment, lethal injection, organ harvesting, hackers, KGB, mild references to drug use (cannabis and cocaine), addiction, death by suicide

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