Episode 13: Crime and Technology


This week we’re talking cryptocurrency and cyber crime.

Jonatan shares a story from Taiwan: when Tai (戴) brings his friend Hu (胡) along to sell some Bitcoin he expects to make a healthy profit. Instead he finds himself in a situation involving forced alcohol consumption, assault and theft. 

Ana discusses a virus writer called ‘Gigabyte’ (aka Kimberley Vanvaeck) who was on a mission in the early 00s to bring down security expert Graham Cluley. Creating the first ever C# virus, Gigabyte decides to share her code on her website but finds herself in legal trouble.

This week we have a cocktail with byte that we’ve called Vodka.exe- vodka, apple, butterscotch… yes, it’s delicious.

We love when you reach out on Twitter, @crimebythebar and by email, crimebythebar@gmail.com. And keep your ratings and reviews coming in, we really appreciate them.

CN: assault, theft, hacking, alcohol

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